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80/20 Direct Response Marketing & Online Advertising Agency

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Why Should A Business Owner Like You Choose Our Agency Instead of Hundreds of Other Online Marketing Agencies?

We get a rush when the customers we serve say things like:

“Last month was the best month in the history of our company!”

“We’ve quadrupled our market share!”

…or they ask:

“Can you dial things back a little? We have way more business than we can handle right now!”

We meticulously slash waste in your marketing budget (without losing sales) then redirect your freed up cash to profitable areas so you get MEASURABLE business growth!

Want to see real stories of how we helped business owners and marketing managers just like you?

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Who Do We Serve?

We serve business owners or marketing managers of established small to medium sized businesses.

You are our ideal customer if...

  • You sell physical products or services valued at $5000-$20,000 or more (although we've successfully scaled businesses across a variety of business models and many different industries)

  • You have a marketing budget of at least $5000-$10,000 per month across all marketing & advertising mediums

    (We have profitably managed online ad accounts with ad spend over $100,000 per month)

  • You are already doing various types of traditional marketing & online marketing, but you are frustrated with the lack of results you’re getting with your current agency, freelancer, or in-house team

  • You want to work with people who can take all of the complexity in online marketing and SIMPLIFY it so that it’s clear & easy to understand
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Customer Success Story #1: How We Helped Robert End 5 Consecutive Financial Quarters of Wasting Half of His Large Advertising Budget.

Robert sources & sells a high volume of products worldwide in the alternative medicine industry. His product line is always under strict scrutiny by the FDA. Yet his company continuously exceeds the FDA’s standards.

A few years ago, Google cracked down on everyone in Robert’s entire industry who was using Google AdWords. The good companies with rigorously tested, top quality products were wiped out along with all the cheap knockoffs.

The same thing happened with Facebook Ads.

Then Robert suffered at the mercy of Bing Ads when he finally had enough and reached out to our agency.

Guess what we found in Robert’s Bing Ads account… and how did we stop his company from bleeding money?

See Why Robert Was Bleeding Money!

Proven Systems Built on Fundamental Principles Not Fads

The 80/20 Principle

Everything we do is driven by the 80/20 Principle. (It’s even in our logo.) We capitalize on the vital 20% that will bring 80% of the results. We avoid the trivial 80% that will only bring 20% of the results.

Whether we are choosing what to do with our time or how to allocate our customers’ marketing budgets, we apply 80/20 to maximize effectiveness.

Split Testing

We have a culture of split testing.

We test everything: ads, keywords, targeting, text, images, landing pages, advertising networks, etc.

We let the data determine winning performance; not which version makes you “feel good” or which version anyone likes better. We care about what earns you more money…and we think you do too.

80/20 and split testing are just two of the many fundamentals that we’ve built our agency on.

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George Krahn
Founder & Marketing Strategist
Katelynn Bergen
Online Marketing Manager
Cody Friesen
Online Marketing Strategist
Danny Harms
Customer Success Manager
Helen Krahn

Our Team is Really YOUR Team

When you hire our agency, you have access to an entire team of specialists in their specific field of marketing.

You, as a business owner or marketing manager, should have a general understanding of each marketing specialty.

However, it is no longer cost effective or an effective use of your time or your staff’s time to study & become an expert in all of these areas of marketing.

You should have access to transparent information that empowers you to make meaningful decisions, but there’s no need to know all the technical details.

Focus on what you do best and let our agency get in the trenches & do what we do best.

Start Getting to Know the Brilliant People Who You Could Have Working on Your Account!

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From One Google AdWords Freelancer To A Respected Agency Partnering With Perry Marshall

Proven Results Marketing Agency has humble beginnings.

We started in a basement spare bedroom of a house at the end of a street in a small prairie town in Manitoba, Canada.

That was back in 2009.

Today, we’re a thriving direct response marketing & online advertising agency that’s well respected by our peers. (And we did move out of George’s basement.)

We’re still in that small prairie town called Winkler.

We’ve made a few moves in nearly 10 years.

  1. Basement bedroom > Upstairs bedroom!
  2. Upstairs bedroom > Basement bedroom in larger home
  3. Basement bedroom in larger home > Leased office space
  4. Leased office space > Purchased modern office
See How We Partner With Perry Marshall Now!
Proven Results Team with Perry Marshall
Katelynn Bergen
Online Marketing Manager
Danny Harms
Customer Success Manager

Chat, Email, Call, or Visit Us In Person

We still have humans who communicate with you. (Friendly ones too.)

When you decide to reach out to us, we do our best to help you find the right solution for your needs.

That might be referring you to another respected agency or trusted freelancer that’s a better fit for you.

It might be recommending where to begin if you or your in-house team would rather learn how to do this stuff yourself.

Or maybe you are a great fit for our agency and the best solution for you would actually be to hire us.
You might have a business model or market where we’ve had great success in the past.

You might have lots of very real opportunities to slash waste in your marketing budget (without losing sales) then redirect your freed up cash so you get MEASURABLE business growth!