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Cost Effective Lead Generation for Manufacturing, Construction, and Industrial Companies

Our Industry Specific Agency Replaces Generic Agencies & Freelancers
We're A More Natural Extension of Your Sales & Marketing Team

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Who Do We Serve?

We work together with marketing directors or business development managers at well established companies.

Sometimes we work directly with business owners as well.

You are our ideal customer if your company...

  • • has more than $1 million in annual sales

  • • sells physical products or services valued at $3000-$20,000 or even more

    (although we've successfully scaled businesses across a variety of business models and many different industries)

  • • wants to build on top of traditional sales & marketing and add a complete digital lead generation system that brings in a consistent flow of high quality leads

    (or you're unhappy with the low volume of leads or poor quality leads currently coming from the Internet)

  • • has a marketing budget of at least $5000-$10,000 per month across all marketing & advertising mediums

    (We have profitably managed accounts with ad spend over $100,000 per month)
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2x High Quality Leads in 6 Months (or We Work for Free)

80/20 Inbound Lead Generation, Direct Response Marketing, Digital Advertising, Phone Call Tracking, Advanced Conversion Tracking, CRM Setup & Integration

We guarantee you will achieve these specific results within 6 months of starting with our agency:
  1. You will double the number of high quality leads that come into your CRM system from the Internet
  2. You will have accurate tracking in place so you can make informed decisions about marketing
  3. You will have a lead generation system in place that can be dialed up or down as needed for your company
Learn More About Our Guarantee

Why Should A Business Leader Like You Choose Our Agency? 

Your sales team can stop chasing cold prospects. Leads come to them. This positions your company as the expert.

You can confidently shift your marketing budget precisely to what is generating sales after we create a transparent end-to-end lead generation system for your company.

You might have some of these pieces in place already, but you may not have everything in place to get to the next stage. . .yet.

Here's what happens as our customers overcome stages they were stuck in:
• Less waiting for the phone to ring or staring at your empty email inbox
• Time wasted chasing cold prospects goes down
• Time spent talking to high quality leads go up
• Sales go up
• More sales staff are hired
• More production staff are hired
• Manufacturers build additions or brand new factories!

See Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Story: 10-year Relationship with Our Agency Results in Exponential Growth for CanWest Concrete

From 2011 to 2021, CanWest went from being one of dozens of companies doing concrete cutting to being the dominant industry leader in all of western Canada for concrete cutting & coring, demolition, excavation, and many other services!

Inbound leads and ad spend continued scaling up proportionately through 2014 and 2015.

In February 2016, when ad spend passes the $20,000 per month milestone, a tense phone conversation happens between the owner of the company and our agency's founder.
Watch Story & See What Happened

The State of Lead Generation Post Covid

For Manufacturing, Industrial Services, and Agriculture Industries

New Data Reveals Shifts, Trends, and Patterns that Business Development Managers & Marketing Directors Need to Know

1. The pandemic lasted long enough that buying behaviours have changed.

2. Tons of recent privacy changes demand that you change your strategy to effectively reach your target audience.

3. We cracked the code on seeing exactly where sales of big ticket products & services with long sales cycles came from, a luxury that was only possible for small eCommerce purchases until recently.

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Proven Systems Built On Fundamental Principles Not Fads

The 80/20 Principle

Everything we do is driven by the 80/20 Principle. (It’s even in our logo.) We capitalize on the vital 20% that will bring 80% of the results. We avoid the trivial 80% that will only bring 20% of the results.

Whether we are choosing what to do with our time or how to allocate our customers’ marketing budgets, we apply 80/20 to maximize effectiveness.

See The Rest Of Our Proven Systems Here!

From One Google AdWords Freelancer To A Respected Lead Generation Agency Partnering With Perry Marshall

Proven Results Marketing Agency has humble beginnings.

We started in a basement spare bedroom of a house at the end of a street in a small prairie town in Manitoba, Canada.

That was back in 2009.

Today, we’re a thriving digital marketing & lead generation agency that’s well respected by our peers. (And we did move out of George’s basement.)

We’re still in that small prairie town called Winkler.

We’ve made a few moves in over 10 years.

  1. Basement bedroom > Upstairs bedroom!
  2. Upstairs bedroom > Basement bedroom in larger home
  3. Basement bedroom in larger home > Leased office space
  4. Leased office space > Purchased modern office
  5. Modern office > Remote offices in multiple cities
See How We Partnered with Perry Marshall!
"We've quadrupled our market share since we first started working with you guys!"
Ryan Friesen
General Manager, SteelTech Inc.
"Our sales are up 46% year over year! Things are going crazy!"
Jeremy Matuszewski
President, Thunderstruck Ag Equipment
"Fantastic! Thank you!

We have checked all the keywords and our ads are all showing up at the top of the Google search results now.

I appreciate your perseverance!"
Valerie Hambrook
Owner/Human Resource Manager, CanWest Concrete Cutting & Coring
"I got an order for $150,000 which came through one lead!  This is great work.  Thank you!  We had a great year, that is for sure."
Rob Bishop
Owner, Binkley Toys
"I sold $12,000 this week from 3 leads that came to me from Google AdWords, so double the budget!  Every day I hear people are getting us from the top of Google."
Dave Miller
Owner, Superior Heating & Air
"I believe you & your team are excellent at what you do!

I have always been very impressed by your attention to details and more than anything your care & thoughtfulness in responding to requests on our part about specific campaigns, specific keywords, and inquiries to A/B tests on your previous work.

I just wanted you both to know how much we appreciate this!"
Silvia Bezzi
Senior Communications & Marketing Director, Preventous Collaborative Health
"Wow, this is incredible!  You brought in 538 leads yesterday, which is 100 over what we can handle.  So we can still drop the AdWords costs further."
Steve Cerrato
Owner, Auto Transport Depot
"Your team’s advice was spot on here.  Year-over-year 53% increase in mobile conversion rate and 62% increase in tablet conversion rate.  Your agency’s expertise is much appreciated."
Jordan Martindale
Marketing Manager, Icon Technologies Limited
"After the first few months of working with George & his team, we initially did not get the volume of leads that they were anticipating.

As a show of good will, George offered to apply his agency's guarantee of working for free until they delivered on the milestones they promised to achieve.

Over the next 4 months, George & his team worked extra hard and ramped up the number of leads, but also improved the quality of the leads. That whole time, they did not invoice my company.

George is a man of his word and I was glad to resume paying for his agency's services again after that. Of course, when our contract came to an end, we renewed the contract.

It is a pleasure to do business with an ethical agency."
Lyall Wiebe
CEO, Triple Green Products
Katelynn Falk
Digital Marketing Manager
Helen Krahn
Accounting & Administration

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