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10-year Relationship with Our Agency Results in Exponential Growth for CanWest Concrete

From 2011 to 2021, CanWest went from being one of dozens of companies doing concrete cutting to being the dominant industry leader in all of western Canada for concrete cutting & coring, demolition, excavation, and many other services!

Watch how we started in November 2011. . .
. . .and then look at this chart of a key campaign where CanWest is now dominating their competitors!

Pivotal Moment When Ad Spend Passes $20K/month

Inbound leads and ad spend continued scaling up proportionately through 2014 and 2015.

In February 2016, when ad spend passes the $20,000 per month milestone, a tense phone conversation happens between the owner of the company and our agency's founder.

Watch this video clip as George tells what came of that conversation. . .
This results in Proven Results Marketing Agency implementing Call Tracking Metrics phone call tracking for further transparency into phone leads generated by Google Ads.

Tracking phone leads also gives the owners a more accurate picture of total lead volume.

Continued Scaling Results in CanWest Selling A Large Division of Their Company

Lead & sales volume continued scaling up until the British Columbia division was sold in 2019.

After the non-compete ended, ad campaigns were re-enabled for the BC location and CanWest had a new record year in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic!

Then in 2021, it completely eclipsed 2020 with ad spend peaking at $71,132.83 in August 2021. Of course, lead volume also jumped up proportionately.
CanWest Concrete has now become the dominant industry leader in Western Canada!

Here are 2 more charts of key campaigns where the competitors are literally fighting over the bread crumbs of projects that CanWest chooses not to take.
This was independently verified by staff at CanWest repeatedly.

Here's what Valerie, one of the owners, had to say about us:
"Fantastic! Thank you!

We have checked all the keywords and our ads are all showing up at the top of the Google search results now.

I appreciate your perseverance!"
Valerie Hambrook
Owner/Human Resource Manager, CanWest Concrete Cutting & Coring

$7400 Lifetime Value Customer from $8.44 Ad Click, Real Life Example Shown in Zoho CRM & Google Ads

Tight integration between Zoho CRM & Google Ads clearly shows this valuable information:

1. Customer name, phone number, and email address
2. Keyword he typed into Google
3. Date he clicked the ad
4. Specific Google ad he clicked on
5. Date sale completed & amount of sale
6. Ad group & campaign the sales came from ($3000 + $4400)

All leads are collected & stored in one central place: Zoho CRM.

Whether leads come in by phone, website contact form, website chat, or social media message, the lead source is identified and the leads automatically show up in the Leads module in Zoho CRM.
Our agency is an Authorized Zoho Partner.

We set up & integrate Zoho CRM with Call Tracking Metrics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, social media channels, organic traffic sources, live events such as trade shows, and offline sources as well.

Facebook Ads Prove to be A Very Effective Advertising Medium, Even for CanWest's B2B Services

Retargeting potential customers who don't call or get a quote request on your website is an effective highly targeted, low cost strategy.

Dynamic ads with a variety of images & videos attract people to your business, instead of repelling people away with one ad (that has the same image every time) that relentlessly follows them around the Internet!

You invest a lot of money to bring people to your website. Use this approach to recover many of the leads who would otherwise never return.

Customer lookalike audiences based on lists of email addresses or phone numbers are another strategy we used that pleasantly surprised us by exceeding our expectations by far!

LinkedIn Ads Was Effective Using Retargeting, But Not Lookalike Campaigns Which Worked Well in Facebook

We tested the same strategy in LinkedIn Ads that was successful in Facebook Ads.

Testing first in Facebook is intentional since the ad costs are generally less expensive than LinkedIn and you can test faster with less money.

Lookalike targeting was not very effective and not a good use of the customer's budget. However, retargeting worked very well in LinkedIn, so the budget was shifted away from the lookalike campaign to retargeting.

Transparent End-to-End Inbound Lead Generation System Set Up & Actively Managed for Your Company

What would it mean to you if you had a complete lead generation system with all leads & sales in one central place, that includes a live dashboard with meaningful charts that update in real time?

Cutting Edge Inbound Lead Generation Systems For Industrial Services and Manufacturing Companies Are More Affordable Than You Think. . .

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