Meet Our Talented Team

George Krahn – Founder

As the founder & owner of Proven Results Marketing Agency, George has the privilege of leading a skilled team of conversion-focused, results oriented marketing professionals.

He really enjoys participating in his team’s strategy sessions for each customer.

George’s team uses the 80/20 Principle to achieve breakthroughs in our customers’ businesses.

This powerful principle unlocks the unique ability for each team member to recognize the small, but important changes that result in big improvements.

George has a background in business management, online advertising, and marketing strategy.

More specifically, he’s built his agency using the fundamental principles taught by Perry Marshall, author of “80/20 Sales And Marketing” and “Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords”.

Our agency is an official Google Partner and an official Bing Partner.

has built a system that trains his

execute the systems that he designed

Many of the top business and marketing authorities in the industry have provided training to George and his team.

He likes to maintain his personal Google AdWords Certification as well. Back in 2007, George started managing Google AdWords accounts, but now his team handles most of the Google AdWords account setup & management.

This has been a significant area of growth for his agency in recent years.

We started back in 2009 managing only Google AdWords accounts. In 2010, Bing Ads account management was added to our services. Later in 2010, we began using Facebook Ads as another advertising medium for their customers.

Optimizing landing pages & sales funnels with A/B split testing increases conversion rates and it’s another critical part of taking our customers’ businesses to the next level.

Danny Harms – Project Manager

Danny manages our agency’s task & project management system.

He records, organizes, and prioritizes all of the tasks that everyone in our agency needs to do. This ensures that new campaigns get rolled out efficiently, changes are followed up on, and routine account maintenance tasks are performed regularly.

He assigns deadlines and holds everyone accountable on tasks assigned to them so that they get done in a timely manner. He makes sure that everyone has everything they need to accomplish their tasks.

Danny contributes, but also actively listens to identify projects, tasks, & calendar events that come from meetings, Skype & conference calls with clients.

Communicating regularly with customers by phone and email is another thing that Danny takes care of.

He informs them of what we are working on in their accounts, proactively let them know what we plan to work on in the near future, follows up on anything they requested, and gives brief updates on performance.

He also answers the phone and takes care of scheduling calls if you want to arrange the typical “Are We The Right Fit?” Phone Call with George.

Danny is also a Google AdWords Certified Professional.

Cody Friesen – Online Marketing Manager

Cody is a Google AdWords Certified Professional with a certification in Video Ads.

He has a passion for pay-per-click advertising because it allows him to use his creative abilities.

Cody enjoys rebuilding existing online advertising accounts that have been set up the wrong way. He builds out new accounts from scratch and rebuilds accounts using the ideal account structure.

This starts with identifying the right audience targeting & keywords, organizing them into ad groups by theme, and brainstorming multiple ads to split test against each other in each ad group.

Cody loves creating text, image, and video ads in Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads.

He likes being challenged in the ever changing world of online advertising.

Katelynn Bergen – Online Marketing Assistant

Katelynn is an incredibly versatile team member that zips through any tasks that are thrown at her.

Her great work ethic rubs off on everyone else and she helps us all be more productive. Katelynn helps each person make more effective use of their time by taking certain things off of everyone else’s workload.

She takes care of so many important details behind the scenes. Katelynn rolls out ad split tests, wades through search reports, and adds negative keywords into online ad accounts.

She also ensures that we are generating high quality phone calls for our customers that use our phone call tracking service.

Katelynn is an Excel ninja. Before each weekly internal meeting, she updates our customer metrics spreadsheet. She creates new spreadsheets and improves existing ones to make everything more efficient.

All of our PowerPoint presentations look amazing after Katelynn has put her personal touch on them. Her visuals add that extra layer of professionalism and enhance the rich content in our presentations.

On top of all that, Katelynn is also a Google AdWords Certified Professional.

Roman Maschkin – Online Marketing Manager

Roman is a Google AdWords Certified Professional with a certification in Display Ads.

He enjoys creating image and video ads in Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads.

Some of the tasks that he brings in house are: graphic alterations, photo editing, and video editing.

Roman has also taken the lead on building out Infusionsoft marketing automations for our customers. He creates the back end marketing machine that automates emails, tagging, follow-ups, and upsells.

He has a hunger for constantly learning new things, which is critical in the fast paced world of online marketing.

Helen Krahn – Office Manager

Helen manages the company’s finances and takes care of all aspects of accounting.

Helen is also the personal assistant to George Krahn. She takes care of the details, but also has the ability to see “big picture” ideas.

She runs errands and assists with any other tasks in order to improve efficiency.

Helen ensures that the entire business is running smoothly.



Our Trusted Freelance Partners

Stu Driedger – Web Developer

With over 10 Years experience and a passion for website design and marketing, Stu is skilled at creating web content that delivers results customers are looking for.

Stu excels at understanding customers’ needs & goals and turning their websites & content into the driving force of their sales funnels.

The skill set Stu brings to Proven Results Marketing Agency meets our goal of looking after our customers’ web development needs.

Laufton Sulak – Website Security Manager

Laufton is our agency’s best weapon against hackers who deploy malware, brute force attacks, and any other online threats.

He takes care of all ongoing website security monitoring for us and some of our customers.

Laufton is an ethical, trustworthy person who you can feel comfortable giving access to your server, logins, and passwords.

He specializes in WordPress website management services, but Laufton is also very experienced with Weebly, Joomla, Mambo, and Blogger. He is skilled at setting up and managing eCommerce back ends such as Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, xCart, and Zen Cart as well.

If your website is loading slowly, seems to be buggy, or there’s some mysterious new pages that you didn’t create; it may have been hacked!

Laufton can do a security scan to determine if your site has actually been hacked or if it just needs to be optimized to load faster.

Sometimes these hackers secretly use your website’s resources and install hidden pages that you aren’t even aware of. This can increase web page load times or cause other issues.

In extreme cases, this can result in your web hosting company suspending your account and shutting down your website!

Click Here to Learn More about Laufton’s Services

Agencies We Partner With

We don’t pretend to be experts in everything. We stick to what we do best. For other services outside of our core services, we partner with these agencies:

Thunderstruck Sales and Marketing Helium Group

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I've seen first-hand how George and his team help businesses solve their online marketing challenges. You can contact me now and I will get in touch with George for you.

He enjoys discussing online marketing with others. George listens to what you have to say...and he actually understands your specific concerns. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Warm regards,


Helen, George's Assistant

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Sonya Espino – Pay-Per-Click Manager

Sonya has over 8 years of online marketing experience, with core competency in paid search advertising.

Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified, she has a passion for performance-based online marketing.

Throughout her years of working with leading agencies and top brands, she has cultivated lasting relationships with customers, while delivering amazing results.

Jay Parihar – Web Developer

Jay is a talented developer who is gifted in many programming languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, and more.
He is very experienced in BigCommerce, Joomla, OpenCart, and WordPress, which is the platform used by the majority of our customers.
Jay designs modern and elegant user interfaces to increase visitor engagement and provide an enriched website experience.
He does all that while optimizing websites with the latest search engine standards.
Jay is also a master at troubleshooting issues and identifying problems in source code. If your website is “broken”, Jay can fix it!
He enjoys doing the end to end management of new website development projects. Jay can add new functionality to your existing website or build a new one from scratch.

What People Are Saying…

"Wow, this is incredible!

You brought in 538 leads yesterday, which is 100 over what we can handle.

So we can still drop the Adwords costs further." *
Steve Cerrato
Auto Transport Depot
Miami, Florida

"I got an order for $150,000 which came through one lead!

This is great work. Thank you! We had a great year, that is for sure." *
Rob Bishop
Custom Plush Toys
Hamilton, Ontario

"I sold $12,000 this week from 3 leads that came to me from Google Adwords, so double the budget!

Every day I hear people are getting us from the top of Google.

Plus you have been the first Internet marketer that I have used that is not a scammer.

You have done such a great job!" *

Dave Miller
Superior Heating and Air
Bluffton, South Carolina

* Results may vary.

More Praise From Clients…

"George, I am very pleased with the results you are achieving for me. Great job!!

Thanks for digging down into it and sharing the information with me.

You do a great job of explaining the "how" and "why" behind your strategies and I appreciate that!" *
Allen McCroskey
Secure Financial Group
Brentwood, Tennessee

"Wow. You amaze me.

This is how we're gonna kill it, George!" *

Jeremy Matuszewski
Thunderstruck Sales & Marketing
Winkler, Manitoba

"It is really great to be able to see where the calls are coming from to see if the market or mailing is worth pursuing!

Our Facebook page is receiving more 'Likes' and people are definitely noticing the ads.

Thank you George!!!" *
Roni Lynn Greenhalge
Public Relations Professional
Bluffton, South Carolina

"The Google Adwords and Bing Ads campaigns are working!

We've had 12 premium orders and 4 regular orders since the ads started running a few days ago. Thank you.

Today has been busy!" *
Cindy Helleckson
Carz Inspection
Wanamingo, Minnesota

"Fantastic! Thank you!

We have checked all the keywords and our ads are all showing up at the top of the Google search results now.

I appreciate your perseverance!" *

Valerie Hambrook
CanWest Concrete Cutting
Calgary, Alberta

"You have no idea how jealous the other distributors are with the performance of my website!

I know that the manager of the distributors thinks the world of your work and has great respect for your opinions and ideas." *

Elizabeth Driedger
Try Proargi-9
Winkler, Manitoba

"I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and sheer brilliance you've put into this stuff.

It is noticed, and it is appreciated." *

Matthew Friesen
Political Candidate
Miami, Manitoba

* Results may vary.

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