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George Krahn
Founder & Marketing Strategist
Marissa Harder
Digital Marketing Manager
Nicholas Krahn
Conversion Tracking Manager
Jesús Valenzuela
Executive Assistant
Carlos Chavira
Web Developer
Zenia Nanquil
Conversion Tracking Assistant
Katelynn Falk
Digital Marketing Manager

Our Team is Really YOUR Team

When you hire our agency, you have access to an entire team of specialists in their specific field of marketing.

You, as a business owner or marketing manager, should have a general understanding of each marketing specialty.

However, it is no longer cost effective or an effective use of your time or your staff’s time to study & become an expert in all of these areas of marketing.

You should have access to transparent information that empowers you to make meaningful decisions, but there’s no need to know all the technical details.

Focus on what you do best and let our agency get in the trenches & do what we do best.

Start getting to know the brilliant people who you could have working on your account!

Meet Your Talented Team

George Krahn, Founder & Marketing Strategist
In 2009, George founded his marketing agency that now specializes in serving the manufacturing, industrial, construction, and agriculture industries.

His career in the manufacturing industry started in 1997 and for the 12 years after that, he progressed through roles in production, quality control, accounting, customer service, and finally discovered his passion for sales & marketing.

George found his life's purpose at the crossroads of serving business owners & marketing managers and leading his team of marketing specialists.

He has the unique ability to see & understand the big picture of entire systems, the technical details of specific components, all the levels in between, and explain it in plain English to others.

George has used his gifts and his life experience to determine the best sales & marketing tools for manufacturers, industrial, agricultural, and construction companies.
His agency is an official partner of many of the platforms that he & his team work on every day.

George also enjoyed being a guest speaker at Southern Manitoba Manufacturers Summit hosted by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.
Marissa Harder, Digital Marketing Manager
Marissa brings many years of experience in social media advertising to our agency.

She is gifted in graphic design and it's evident in the image ads she designs for various paid social ad campaigns.

Marissa also builds out ad campaigns for paid search campaigns including keyword research, brainstorming ad copy, and calculating bids & budgets.

Communicating regularly with customers by email is another thing that Marissa takes care of.

She informs them of what we are working on in their ad accounts and gives brief updates on performance.

She also answers the phone and directs calls to the appropriate person.
Nicholas Krahn, Conversion Tracking Manager
Nicholas lays the foundation for all of our customers so that we can see all the important actions their website visitors are taking.

He builds out conversion tracking, phone call tracking, and CRM systems for our customers.

Nicholas combs through our customers' websites and puts tags & triggers in place to track things like phone calls, form completions, button clicks, video views, and much more.

He enjoys setting up & linking all the back end components that form our Proven Results Advanced Conversion Tracking Integrated Code And Logic (PRACTICAL) business growth engine.

Nicholas is a Google Analytics Certified Professional.
Jesús Valenzuela, Executive Assistant
Jesús is the executive assistant to George Krahn.

He provides support by taking on more urgent tasks so George can focus on important tasks & special projects.

Jesús also provides support to the rest of the team.

One of the ways he does that is ensuring that we don't lose sight of any important projects & tasks.

In addition to that, Jesús manages our agency’s email & messaging system, our calendar & scheduling system, and he monitors all of our systems, processes, and procedures.

Jesús has a masters degree in organizational management.
Carlos Chavira, Web Developer
Carlos takes care of all ongoing website security monitoring and performs regular updates & backups on our agency's website.

He is our agency's best weapon against hackers who deploy malware, brute force attacks, and any other online threats.

Carlos also takes care of securely backing up all of our critical business systems.

Zenia Nanquil, Conversion Tracking Assistant
Zenia manages our agency's phone call tracking system.

She monitors the inbound leads that come in by phone for all of our customers.

This is very important since many of the companies we serve have prospects that prefer to contact their company by phone.

Zenia tags them as high quality or low quality calls.  If a sale happens in a phone conversation, she also tags the calls as converted.

This crucial sales data gets imported automatically in the ad platforms.

It allows our ad campaign managers to make decisions in the ad accounts based on what is generating sales, not just leads.

This entire call tracking & monitoring system ensures that the ad platforms receive good data so their algorithms can optimize for high quality phone calls.

Zenia is also a Google Analytics Certified Professional.
Helen Krahn, Accounting & Administration
Helen manages our company's finances and takes care of all aspects of accounting.

She takes care of the details, but also has the ability to see "big picture" ideas. Helen runs errands and assists with any other tasks in order to improve efficiency.

She ensures that the financial side of the business is running smoothly.
Katelynn Falk, Digital Marketing Manager
Katelynn ensures that new campaigns get rolled out efficiently, changes are followed up on, and routine account maintenance tasks are performed regularly.

She takes care of so many important details behind the scenes. Katelynn brainstorms different angles to test in online ads and monitors their performance.

She is an incredibly versatile team member that zips through any tasks that are thrown at her.

Her great work ethic rubs off on everyone else and she helps us all be more productive.

On top of all that, Katelynn is also a Google Ads Certified Professional.
Danny Harms - Customer Success Manager
Danny manages our agency’s task & project management system.

He records, organizes, and prioritizes all of the tasks that everyone in our agency needs to do to. This ensures that new campaigns get rolled out efficiently, changes are followed up on, and routine account maintenance tasks are performed regularly.

He assigns deadlines and holds everyone accountable on tasks assigned to them so that they get done in a timely manner.
He makes sure that everyone has everything they need to accomplish their tasks.

Danny contributes, but also actively listens to identify projects, tasks, & calendar events that come from meetings, video calls, & conference calls with customers.

Communicating regularly with customers by phone and email is another thing that Danny takes care of.

He informs them of what we are working on in their accounts, proactively let them know what we plan to work on in the near future, follows up on anything they requested, and gives brief updates on performance.

Danny is also a Google Ads Certified Professional.
Our Trusted Partners
We don't pretend to be experts in everything. We stick to what we do best.

For other services outside of our core services, we partner with the consultants and marketing companies listed below.

Typically, we prefer it if you work directly with these talented people.

We don't "white label" their services and act like our agency offers their services ourselves. There's no need for us to mark up their fees and be an ongoing mediator.

Would you like our founder to introduce you to them by email? George would be glad to do that for you!

To get that started, just use your preferred communication method to contact us.
ModExec - Business Development
Mandy Fehr takes care of business development for our agency.

Alongside, she also continues to offer small business consulting and a range of other services to assist businesses in achieving their goals.

Mandy is a seasoned sales and marketing professional who owned several companies, including a manufacturing company and full service marketing agency.

She was often frustrated by the inability to directly measure online ad effectiveness.

Traditional KPIs such as "cost per click" were insufficient to evaluate the value of generated sales and their cost in a given period.

She then discovered the system that Proven Results has developed and became quite impressed with its ability to effectively track results in a way that resonates with business owners; thereby helping them maximize strategic efforts and ad spend.

Mandy's passion lies in establishing meaningful relationships with people, a facet of her career that she finds most fulfilling.

In 2022, Proven Results offered her the opportunity to help business owners optimize their sales & marketing results and create additional meaningful relationships with people in industries she is familiar with.
Paul Teitelman - SEO Management
Paul is an acclaimed SEO expert who specializes in affordable and ethical link building & SEO services.
With over 10 years of search engine optimization experience helping dozens of Fortune 500 brands and hundreds of small to mid-size businesses, Paul & his team have the skills and knowledge to help take your website to the top of the organic search listings.
Perform Labs - Website Builder
Perform Labs is a WordPress design & development studio with a multi-national team united by their love for all things digital.

Simply put, they design & build kick-ass websites and web apps.
Their guarantee is centered around building a website you love, delivered on-time and within budget.

Ready to step into the lab? Tell us about your project, we promise you'll be in good hands!
KB Marketing - Social Media Management
Karina Bueckert & her team can manage your full social media portfolio, including content creation, posting, scheduling, responding etc.

They have many years of experience with social media planning and posting. They can customize a plan that meets your business' needs!
Josh Long, Coachsultant
Josh has consulted with hundreds of companies and worked with many marketing leaders including Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, and Perry Marshall.

He truly understands business leaders and the challenges they face every day.

Josh has an incredible ability to ask great questions about your business.

He tunes in and really listens.  Josh has the unique gift of hearing what's not being said, then asking you to expand on that.

Again, if you would like our founder to introduce you to any of our trusted partners by email, just use your preferred communication method below to get that started.
Marissa Harder
Digital Marketing Manager
George Krahn
Founder & Marketing Strategist

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