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Proven Systems Built On Fundamental Principles Not Fads

The 80/20 Principle

Everything we do is driven by the 80/20 Principle. (It’s even in our logo.)

We capitalize on the vital 20% that will bring 80% of the results. We avoid the trivial 80% that will only bring 20% of the results.

Whether we are choosing what to do with our time or how to allocate our customers’ marketing budgets, we apply 80/20 to maximize effectiveness.

Split Testing

We have a culture of split testing.

We test everything: ads, keywords, targeting, text, images, landing pages, advertising networks, etc.

We let the data determine winning performance; not which version makes you “feel good” or which version anyone likes better. 

We care about what earns you more money. . . and we think you do too.

Continuous Learning

We have an attitude of continuous learning & improvement.

We have a willingness to change, to take courses, to read books, etc.

Required Reading for Team Members:

1. 80/20 Sales And Marketing by Perry Marshall
2. Getting Things Done by David Allen

Skin In The Game

We hire entrepreneurial team members, not employees.

We all have a willingness to invest some of our own time, money, and resources into being top professionals in our industry.

Our agency isn't incentivized to make you spend more.  Our compensation structure is set up very thoughtfully and fairly.

As your company scales up, so do the resources that our agency can provide to you.
Marissa Harder
Digital Marketing Manager
George Krahn
Founder & Marketing Strategist

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