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Conversion Tracking Assistant
Have you ever desired the freedoms that come with being an independent business owner, but appreciate the steady, predictable income from a great job?

Enjoy the best of both worlds by becoming a marketing subcontractor at Proven Results Marketing Agency!

As the founder of this agency, I have deliberately chosen to move away from the traditional employer/employee model where we would all drive to a central physical office to work.
We are a virtual marketing agency with an incredible team of marketing subcontractors in southern Manitoba and in Puerto Vallarta area in Mexico.

Each of us works independently from our remote offices, yet we all collaborate very well on daily Zoom calls and chats & comments in our project management system.

To make communication on projects more efficient, our team works at the same time for 4 hours each day from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, which we call our core hours. Beyond that, as a team member, you have the flexibility to choose your own work hours and get your work done when you are most productive. We typically work up to 35 hours per week.

When we are able to, we meet in person for our annual company retreat. This one-week retreat has been at Elkhorn Resort in Manitoba for the past few years. We have plans to have our company retreat at Vallarta Gardens in the Puerto Vallarta area in Mexico in the near future. (More details about that further down on this page.)

We are in need of a full-time person to fill the role of Conversion Tracking Assistant. Our compensation model is an hourly rate, plus performance bonus, ideas bonus, and loyalty bonus. Marketing contractors track hours worked on our agency provided online timesheet and bill our agency every 2 weeks for services provided using their own billing/accounting app or software.

Performance Bonus: team members share a percentage of sales from each quarter. Ideas Bonus: team members receive a quarterly bonus for every idea they share & enter into our system. Loyalty Bonus: team members receive an annual bonus for every continuous year of working at our company.

The Role

This role is responsible for execution of projects & tasks that are focused on the measurement of results we are getting for our customers.

More specifically, you would be listening back to all the audio recordings of phone conversations between the sales people at the companies our agency serves and their potential customers calling their company.

You would manually tag each of the phone calls as high quality or low quality after listening to them and that tagging data automatically feeds back into the online advertising campaigns. This is very important because the campaigns "learn" from this data and the online ads show more to people who are likely to be high quality callers.

Another important responsibility is updating spreadsheets related to conversion tracking, ad spend in campaigns, and key performance indicators so our customers can see how much of a return on investment our team's efforts are generating for their business.

With the expectation of the person in this role being a backup to fill in for the Conversion Tracking & Website Developer in his absence, the person in this role would also be responsible for learning how to set up & troubleshoot conversion tracking, phone call tracking, and CRM systems for our customers.

There would also be a variety of other marketing or administrative related projects & tasks that would be assigned to you by the Project Manager, as needed.

Full training is provided by our agency using our growing library of training videos & written procedures for our processes & systems, as well as one-on-one Zoom calls to answer questions that arise after going through the training & procedures material.

This role works closely with the Project Manager, Conversion Tracking & Website Developer, and Online Marketing Manager.

This role reports directly to the Project Manager. This role makes decisions in the best interest of our agency in the Project Manager’s absence.

Our Ideal Person

You are our ideal person if:

  ●  you're an ideal team player:  hungry, humble, & people smart

  ●  you take ownership for the key results areas you are responsible for

  ●  you get things done effectively & efficiently

  ●  you have great attention to detail

  ●  you are super productive

We will gladly train the right person even if you don’t have any experience in marketing or advertising. We hire for attitude and we train for skills.


These things are absolutely necessary to be successful in this position:

  ●  you must have strong computer skills 

  ●  being exceptionally skilled in Microsoft Office is essential

  ●  you are willing to take Perry Marshall's Marketing DNA Test and a DISC personality assessment

  ●  you are prepared to invest some of your own time into some required reading & learning

Required Reading/Learning

We have some required reading & learning for everyone who works with us at our agency:

  ●  to understand how we approach marketing & why we approach it this way, you must read '80/20 Sales And Marketing' by Perry Marshall

  ●  to understand how we work effectively & efficiently, you must familiarize yourself with David Allen's approach to being productive; reading his book 'Getting Things Done' is not required, but will give you a huge advantage in understanding it even better

If you have read either of these books already, then you are ahead of the game! (We have these books in our library and team members can borrow any of our books. We also have audiobook versions of these and many other great books that influenced our agency's culture.)

Technical Requirements

These things are critical to ensure great communication and great service to our customers:

  ●  you must buy & maintain your own equipment including an up-to-date laptop with a fast processor & a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, office furniture, office supplies, and attain office space

  ●  your laptop must have a good quality webcam and be capable of high speed Internet

  ●  you must make yourself available for online chats, text messages, emails, phone calls, video calls, or in-person meetings with team members and/or customers during core hours of 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

This means having access to high speed Internet for good quality video calls that don’t disrupt communication and minimizing noise & visual distractions in the background to maintain professionalism.

It also means ensuring that the company & its customers’ information is kept confidential & their privacy is protected.

Phone calls, video calls, and in-person meetings with team members and/or customers outside of core hours mentioned above must be agreed upon by both parties.

Term of Contract

This contract is active for one (1) calendar year from the start date agreed upon by both parties.

There is an optional renewal of the contract at the end of the term. A renewal must be agreed upon by both parties. Revisions to the renewed contract must be made prior to the end of the term & agreed upon by both parties.

Either party that desires to break the contract before the end of the term must give the other party thirty (30) days of written notice.

One of the Perks - Annual Company Retreat

Every year, we have a week long company retreat. We book a venue that accommodates our entire staff and everyone can retreat to their room to have some quiet space.

We do some light duty work just to get our most important, urgent tasks done. We also discuss important topics that will affect our agency in the coming year. Aside from that, we have a lot of fun doing activities in the area where we book our retreat!

As mentioned near the top of this page, this one-week retreat has been at Elkhorn Resort in Manitoba for the past few years (and it may be there in the future sometimes). We have plans to have our company retreat for the first time at Vallarta Gardens in the Puerto Vallarta area in Mexico in the near future.

Marketing subcontractors on our team take care of their own travel arrangements to get to the company retreat, as well as any individual activities they would like to do. The agency takes care of all accommodations, most meals at the retreat, and group activities.

The expenses paid by the subcontractors would likely be tax deductible expenses, but that should be discussed with your accountant.

How To Apply

If all of the things on this page excite you and if you enjoy being part of a team that works hard & has fun doing it, then this might be a great career choice for you!

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