How Can You Get A 46.9% Increase In Conversion Rate On Your Landing Pages (And Have Actual Data To Prove It)?

Have You Suspected For A While That The Landing Pages On Your Website Could Perform Much Better Than They Are Now?

This customer’s landing page conversion rate went from an already respectable 44.4% to a whopping 65.3%! That’s a 46.9% improvement!

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Here’s How We Get Performance Like This For Our Customers…

Our landing page optimization team works with your web developer to create a new version of your existing landing page. We create a new page based on our years of experience testing and tweaking landing pages for all kinds of businesses.

Once the new version of the page is ready to test against your current page, we use a tool called Google Content Experiments (which was previously known as Google Website Optimizer) to determine the winner of an A/B split test.

By using this proven system to optimize the landing pages that your Google, Bing, or Facebook ads point to; we often get a significant conversion rate increase for our customers.

When was the last time your current agency tested a new version of your landing page? And how much of an improvement did it make to your conversion rate?

We’ve repeatedly increased our customers’ conversion rates by making their landing pages better. Maybe we can make exponential improvements to your landing pages too!

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Below are before and after screen shots of the landing page from the example above.

This Was The Page Before The Landing Page Tests…


…And This Was The Page After The Landing Page Tests


Here are the specific things we did to get this incredible boost in conversion rate (each element was tested in separate landing page tests):

  • Removed top navigation so visitors don’t click away from this page and get distracted from filling out the form
  • Changed the headline and subheadline to match what was in the Google ads
  • Added code to show your current city and state
  • Added an image of a smiling customer service woman
  • Changed the button from red to yellow, made it bigger, and made it change to green when you hover over the button
  • Added “Step 1 of 2” below button because it is a 2-step form
  • Changed the form fields from gray to white so they stand out more

All of these changes might seem like minor tweaks, but when you combine all of them, it compounds the effects of each individual change and makes a huge difference.

Once you understand the thinking behind each of these changes, it’s completely logical that the conversion rate improves.

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What People Are Saying…

"Wow, this is incredible!

You brought in 538 leads yesterday, which is 100 over what we can handle.

So we can still drop the Adwords costs further." *
Steve Cerrato
Auto Transport Depot
Miami, Florida

"I got an order for $150,000 which came through one lead!

This is great work. Thank you! We had a great year, that is for sure." *
Rob Bishop
Custom Plush Toys
Hamilton, Ontario

"I sold $12,000 this week from 3 leads that came to me from Google Adwords, so double the budget!

Every day I hear people are getting us from the top of Google.

Plus you have been the first Internet marketer that I have used that is not a scammer.

You have done such a great job!" *

Dave Miller
Superior Heating and Air
Bluffton, South Carolina

* Results may vary.

More Praise From Clients…

"George, I am very pleased with the results you are achieving for me. Great job!!

Thanks for digging down into it and sharing the information with me.

You do a great job of explaining the "how" and "why" behind your strategies and I appreciate that!" *
Allen McCroskey
Secure Financial Group
Brentwood, Tennessee

"Wow. You amaze me.

This is how we're gonna kill it, George!" *

Jeremy Matuszewski
Thunderstruck Sales & Marketing
Winkler, Manitoba

"It is really great to be able to see where the calls are coming from to see if the market or mailing is worth pursuing!

Our Facebook page is receiving more 'Likes' and people are definitely noticing the ads.

Thank you George!!!" *
Roni Lynn Greenhalge
Public Relations Professional
Bluffton, South Carolina

"The Google Adwords and Bing Ads campaigns are working!

We've had 12 premium orders and 4 regular orders since the ads started running a few days ago. Thank you.

Today has been busy!" *
Cindy Helleckson
Carz Inspection
Wanamingo, Minnesota

"Fantastic! Thank you!

We have checked all the keywords and our ads are all showing up at the top of the Google search results now.

I appreciate your perseverance!" *

Valerie Hambrook
CanWest Concrete Cutting
Calgary, Alberta

"You have no idea how jealous the other distributors are with the performance of my website!

I know that the manager of the distributors thinks the world of your work and has great respect for your opinions and ideas." *

Elizabeth Driedger
Try Proargi-9
Winkler, Manitoba

"I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and sheer brilliance you've put into this stuff.

It is noticed, and it is appreciated." *

Matthew Friesen
Political Candidate
Miami, Manitoba

* Results may vary.

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