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80/20 Marketing Analysis

Who Else Wants The Same 80/20 Marketing Analysis That
Perry Marshall Hires Our Agency To Carry Out For His
Exclusive Roundtable Members?
"Get a full Google Ads and Facebook Ads account audit from George Krahn, one of my hand-picked experts, who will identify thousands, perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of waste, untapped potential, and opportunities for profit. If you spend significant amounts of money on online advertising, this alone may cover your entire year of Roundtable tuition." - Perry Marshall
Scroll down to see why he entrusts our agency with this!
Perry Marshall Chooses To Partner With Us For Google Ads And Facebook Ads Account Audits (Included in 80/20 Marketing Analysis)
Start using the 80/20 Principle on your Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads accounts.

But don't just use it on your online advertising. Use it on your entire sales funnel!

As Perry Marshall says:
"Small hinges swing big doors."
In other words, if you take one small action now, it can make a BIG difference in your future!

You could make a big difference in your business by taking this specific action right now: get a Google Ads Account Audit and see what untapped opportunities are available for your business.
For a reasonable fee, you can upgrade to a complete 80/20 Marketing Analysis and get a full overview of all the areas where you might be leaving money on the table.
We might discover some big holes in your online marketing that you aren't even aware of!

In addition to a Google Ads account audit; the 80/20 Marketing Analysis includes a detailed analysis of your Facebook Ads account, your Bing Ads account, your LinkedIn Ads account, your landing pages, and the rest of your sales funnel.

...and if you aren't advertising on Facebook, Bing, or LinkedIn; we show you how much of an opportunity there would be to advertise your business on these other advertising networks - before you even spend one dime on them!

The Google Ads account audit costs $295 and the 80/20 Marketing Analysis costs $750. This is an excellent value for the amount of marketing intelligence you will gain about the different advertising networks you are using or should be using.
But if you take action now, you will get a HUGE discount on the 80/20 Marketing Analysis.

We are slashing the price of our 80/20 Marketing Analysis from $750.00 down to only $495. (That's $255.00 off!)
For a limited time, we are offering this comprehensive analysis of your online ads, website, and sales funnel for a fraction of your monthly marketing budget.

We may decide to raise the price of the 80/20 Marketing Analysis back to $750.00 at any time, so get started now!

But wait.

The 80/20 Marketing Analysis isn't right for everyone.

If you're not serious about expanding your online advertising beyond Google Ads...

...if you're not serious about getting high quality traffic from Bing Ads and Facebook Ads...

...if you're not serious about enhancing your entire sales funnel...

...then you should choose the Google Ads Account Audit instead. Whatever you choose, I personally audit your pay-per-click accounts & prepare the 80/20 Marketing Analysis.

*** Important *** - This is not some one-page report that gets slapped together automatically by some cheaply coded software. This is a detailed, multiple page report that is customized for each person after an in-depth, manual audit gets done by a human. (That's me!)

My agency is an official Google Partner and I'm a Google Ads Certified Professional who started managing Google Ads accounts in 2007 (or AdWords, as it was known before). I guarantee that you will get a lot of value from either of these services.
George Krahn
Founder, Proven Results Marketing Agency
P.S. Don't take my word for it though. Listen to this 20 second testimonial from Robert Scheinbein about our 80/20 Marketing Analysis:
Complete Analysis of your Google Ads Account including a detailed audit of:
• Campaign & Ad Group Structure    and Settings
• Impression Share
• Ad Texts, Ad Extensions
• Quality Score Rating
• Keywords, Negative Keywords
• Display Network, Remarketing
• Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics Integration
• Top 10 Competitors in Google Ads
Complete Analysis of your Facebook Ads Account including a detailed audit of:
• Campaign & Ad Set Structure and Settings
• Impression Share
• Ad Texts, Ad Images
• Audience Targeting, Retargeting
• Facebook Landing Page
• Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking
Analysis of Potential to Advertise Your Business using Facebook Ads (if you aren't already advertising on Facebook)
Complete Analysis of your Bing Ads Account including a detailed audit of:
• Campaign & Ad Group Structure and Settings
• Impression Share
• Ad Texts, Ad Extensions
• Quality Score Rating
• Keywords, Negative Keywords
• Display Network, Remarketing
• Bing Ads Conversion Tracking
Analysis of Potential to Advertise Your Business using Facebook Ads (if you aren't already advertising on Bing)
Complete Analysis of Landing Pages and Sales Funnel including a detailed audit of:
• Landing Page Fundamentals
• Unique Promise
• Overwhelming Proof
• Reason To Act Now
• Design Consistency
• Headline, Body
• Contact Form
• Call To Action
Account Audit
80/20 Marketing Analysis
What You Get...
• Downloadable Video of Google Ads Account Audit ($100 value)

(Click to See Actual Google Ads Account Audit)
Downloadable Video of Facebook Ads Account Audit ($100 value)

(Click to See Actual Facebook Ads Account Audit)
• Downloadable Video of Bing Ads Account Audit ($100 value)
• Downloadable Video of Landing Page & Sales Funnel Audit ($100 value)
• PDF with 80/20 Summary of The Most Important Strategies To Implement Right Now ($500 value)
• Our Agency's Current Price Sheet (So You Can Compare Our Rates To Your Agency)
How to get it
Account Audit
$295 USD
80/20 Marketing Analysis
$750.00 USD
Only $495 USD
About Our Company
Proven Results Marketing Agency is a direct response marketing and online advertising company in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada.

George Krahn, the founder of the company, is mentored by Perry Marshall, author of “80/20 Sales And Marketing” and “Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords”. Our company's approach to marketing is based on Perry Marshall's principles.

We grow our customers' businesses by optimizing their entire sales funnel. Our agency specializes in pay-per-click management for online advertising mediums such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

To further increase the profitability of our customers' PPC accounts, we also provide two additional services:

1. We split test landing pages on our customers' websites that their potential customers see after clicking on their ads.

2. We use phone call tracking to identify which ads and keywords are actually bringing in customers, not just website visitors.

We earn money by optimizing our customers’ landing pages & managing their pay-per-click accounts and charging a percentage of ad spend.

Our team enjoys managing Google AdsBing AdsFacebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads accounts for a variety of businesses.

We profitably manage millions of dollars of ad spend per year, including our own company's advertising campaigns.

Our agency has worked with customers in national markets such as:

    • the auto transport industry
    • car inspection services
    • custom toy manufacturing
    • agriculture component manufacturing
    • RV parts eCommerce store
    • life insurance quotes
    • real estate investing
    • medical instrument repair
    • the tourism industry
    • health food online community
    • nutritional supplements and more.

We have also worked with customers on local and regional campaigns including:

    • estate planning services
    • luxury custom home design & building services
    • executive coaching services
    • a private health care centre and cosmetic clinic
    • an Internet service provider
    • heating & air conditioning companies
    • concrete cutting and coring
    • carpet cleaning services
    • roofing and exteriors
    • home renovations
    • a political campaign and more.

Our thriving Internet marketing agency has a proven reputation for getting results. We are passionate about growing our customers' businesses.

We also believe in sharing our successes with the less fortunate. That is why a portion of our revenue is donated to charities such as:

We pride ourselves on being Internet marketers with integrity. At the end of the day, we go home to our families, just like you. We are ethical people who work hard to earn an honest living. We do our best to help our valued customers.

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