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Our "Work For Free or Money Back" Guarantee

As the owner of this agency, here is my personal promise to you.

We are confident that we can achieve specific results for certain types of businesses for whom we have had proven success over and over again.
If you meet the following criteria:

?  are from a company in the niche we serve with $1 million+ in annual sales

?  have a product or service worth $3000+

?  hire our agency for a minimum 6-month term

?  spend a minimum of $3000 per month in ad spend

?  pay the agreed upon setup & active management fees

? Provide us with sales data by using & updating your CRM or exporting sales data from your accounting system

Then I guarantee you will achieve these specific results within 6 months of starting with our agency:

?  you will double the number of high quality leads that come into your CRM system from the Internet

?  you will have accurate tracking in place so you can make informed decisions about marketing

?  you will have a lead generation system in place that can be dialed up or down as needed for your company

If these results are not achieved, our agency will accept your choice of these penalties:

?  Our agency will work for free beyond the 6-month term until those 3 milestones have been achieved


?  We will refund part or all of your fees paid to us for the initial 6-month term - whatever you think is fair for the value you received during that time period - and we will respectfully part ways

Is this a BS guarantee that won't actually be used? Here's a real life example of where we applied our guarantee for a new customer in early 2021:
"After the first few months of working with George & his team, we initially did not get the volume of leads that they were anticipating.

As a show of good will, George offered to apply his agency's guarantee of working for free until they delivered on the milestones they promised to achieve.

Over the next 4 months, George & his team worked extra hard and ramped up the number of leads, but also improved the quality of the leads. That whole time, they did not invoice my company.

George is a man of his word and I was glad to resume paying for his agency's services again after that. Of course, when our contract came to an end, we renewed the contract.

It is a pleasure to do business with an ethical agency."
Lyall Wiebe
CEO, Triple Green Products
If a marketing agency is telling you they have a perfect success record, that's a red flag. Nobody is perfect & it's not possible to "knock it out of the park" every time.

You invest a lot of money into service providers that you work with. What happens when they don't deliver on their promises?

When Proven Results Marketing Agency doesn't hit the milestones we anticipated, we put our money where our mouth is and execute on our "Work For Free Or Money Back" guarantee.

Hear firsthand from Eric Goodwill about what his experience was when he was in that situation:
Our reputation is far more important to us than a few months worth of management fees.

Some of the potential customers we talk to find it hard to believe that we would do something like this. They have been taken advantage of by freelancers with no real integrity. They have been burnt by unethical agencies in the past.

We recognize that we're in an industry with far too many "fly by night operations". We understand that we need to earn your trust and that starts by building a genuine relationship with me & my agency.

George Krahn
Founder & Marketing Strategist
Marissa Harder
Digital Marketing Manager
George Krahn
Founder & Marketing Strategist

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