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Why Organic Social Media Posts Generate a Fraction of the Quality Leads for B2B as Paid Social Ad Campaigns

". . .customers still want to talk to a human.  That has not changed, but the way they communicate is changing. People (in B2B) are shifting more & more towards social media. . ."

- Excerpt from Our Founder's Talk at an Event for B2B Companies (more info in video)

If you have someone from your company blasting out posts from your Facebook page or LinkedIn page that seem to get a few likes, but never generate any sales, then you're not alone.

How To Execute Social Media Marketing Properly For B2B Companies

First of all, we need to look at why most B2B companies don't get good results from social media marketing. There are 2 reasons:

1.  Your reach is far less than you realize

2.  The people you are reaching are the wrong audience

These need to be understood first so that the strategy to execute this properly makes more sense. 

Limited Reach With Regular Facebook & LinkedIn Page Posts

Below is a screen shot of something that's unfortunately all too typical with many Facebook pages and LinkedIn pages. (This applies to LinkedIn as well, but the example below is from Facebook.)

The beige areas in the chart that are circled in red are the number of people that saw posts from this page from their organic posts (which are the regular posts that you can publish from your Facebook page or LinkedIn page for free).

The orange areas in the chart are the number of people that saw ads from this page from their paid Facebook Ads campaigns.

(These are carefully crafted ads with a specific call-to-action. They are shown mostly in the Facebook or LinkedIn news feed of very precisely targeted people who are the company's ideal potential customers.)

You can see that the reach with organic posts is a drop in the bucket compared to the paid ads. Organic maxed out at an estimated 400 people reached. Paid maxed out at just under 4000 people reached.

This company got nearly a 10x increase from their social media marketing after well executed paid social media campaigns were added.

For most Facebook and LinkedIn pages, only a small percentage of your regular organic posts get shown to the people who follow your page.

Here's a simple calculation you can do with your Facebook or LinkedIn posts:

a) Log in to your Facebook/LinkedIn account and go to your page

b) Scroll down and look at the stats below one of your posts

c) Divide the number of 'People Reached' (Facebook) or 'Organic Impressions' (LinkedIn) by how many people like your page

E.g.  50 people reached / 500 people who like your page = 10% of your page followers reached

Wrong Audience Targeting With Facebook & LinkedIn Page Posts Or Boosted Posts

Forget about how many people you're reaching! Shift your focus to WHO you are reaching.

In the example above, the audience for organic posts was their Facebook page followers. How many of the people who like your Facebook page or LinkedIn page are potential new customers?

Be honest.

The first cluster of people who like your Facebook page will probably be friends, family, and employees of your company. The next cluster will be other supporters of your business. Here's a list of these categories of "page likers":

  ●  friends & family

  ●  employees of your company

  ●  your colleagues who also own businesses

  ●  maybe some suppliers

  ●  some existing or past customers

  ●  some might be potential new customers

  ●  and some are a total mystery

Again, with regular organic posts from their Facebook or LinkedIn page, most businesses only reach a relatively small audience that's mostly non-buyers. That's a problem you need to recognize.

This is the poor "solution" that Facebook relentlessly blasts at you:
On Facebook and LinkedIn, boosting a post is basically a very lightweight form of running paid ads. You have limited options and it's usually an unwise use of your budget.

In most cases, boosted posts are NOT worth your time & money.

For most B2B companies, strategic paid social media advertising campaigns are where to focus. This is the most effective segment of social media marketing as a whole.
By the way, my name is George Krahn.  I'm the founder & marketing strategist at Proven Results Marketing Agency.

I'm the guy Perry Marshall hired to do Google Ads and Facebook Ads account audits for his exclusive Roundtable members.

I've been mentored by Perry in one way or another for many years.

Here's what he had to say about me:
"Get a full Google Ads and Facebook Ads account audit from George Krahn, one of my hand-picked experts, who will identify thousands, perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of waste, untapped potential, and opportunities for profit.

If you spend significant amounts of money on online advertising, this alone may cover your entire year of Roundtable tuition."
Perry Marshall
Author, "80/20 Sales and Marketing", "Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords", "Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising"

Retargeting - The Least Expensive, Most Effective Paid Social Media Marketing Your B2B Company Can Start Doing Today

One of the most valuable sources of new sales for your business are the potential customers who already showed interest in your product or service by visiting your website, but for whatever reason, they didn't buy yet.

You are letting these buyers slip through your fingers after spending lots of time, money, and energy to get them to your website in the first place!

For big ticket products & services, you would be delusional if you expect someone to buy after just one touch point.

The timing, budget, fit, offer, and other factors all have to be just right in order for a big ticket sale to close with only one touch point. (It happens, but it's rare.)

So in most cases, you get their contact information and nurture them towards the sale. There's so many ways to do that and I won't get into all of them.

Retargeting seems to be one of the most neglected ways of nurturing potential customers towards a larger sale (and you don't even need their contact info).

Step-by-Step Process To Set Up A Low Cost, Highly Effective Website Retargeting Campaign For Your Company

1.  Create a Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads account

2.  Copy & paste your account's Facebook Pixel or LinkedIn Insights Tag into the code of your website

3.  Create a website retargeting audience in your Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads account

4.  Allow your website retargeting audience to build to the minimum size allowed for each advertising network

5.  While your audience is building, create a retargeting campaign in Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads

6.  In your campaign, make sure you include a large variety of ads with many different images & videos

This last critical step avoids ad fatigue, which means lower performance when people get sick & tired of seeing the same ad over & over again

I'm sure you have experienced this when you shop online for something and then the same retargeting ad relentlessly follows you around the Internet. (Don't be that guy or gal.)

Advanced Lead Generation Strategy: Save money in your ad budget and avoid annoying serious buyers by excluding everyone who has already called or emailed your company.

Many of the details for this process can be found in a simple Google search or by watching a YouTube video.

(Or you can save yourself a lot of time, money, & frustration and get our agency to set this up for you.)

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I've worked with George off and on for a couple of years now.  He's the real deal and really good at what he does.

My own clients use George as a second opinion."
Jonathan Wilson
AdWords Analyst & Engineer, October Marketing
"Get a full Google Ads and Facebook Ads account audit from George Krahn, one of my hand-picked experts, who will identify thousands, perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of waste, untapped potential, and opportunities for profit.

If you spend significant amounts of money on online advertising, this alone may cover your entire year of Roundtable tuition."
Perry Marshall
Author, "80/20 Sales and Marketing", "Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords", "Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising"

About Our Company

Our agency’s approach to marketing is based on Perry Marshall's principles combined with practical, first hand knowledge of the manufacturing, construction, industrial, and agriculture industries.

George Krahn, our founder & marketing strategist, started his career in the manufacturing industry.  He progressed through roles in production, quality control, accounting, customer service, and finally discovered his passion for sales & marketing.

George is mentored by Perry Marshall, author of “80/20 Sales And Marketing”, “Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords”, and “Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising”.

Instead of your sales team wasting time & money chasing cold prospects, they're busy closing sales from our steady flow of hot leads!

At Proven Results Marketing Agency, we use. . .

🔹 80/20 Inbound Lead Generation
🔸 Direct Response Marketing
🔹 Digital Advertising
🔸 Phone Call Tracking
🔹 Advanced Conversion Tracking
🔸 CRM Setup & Integration

. . .to create that steady flow of hot leads that pours into your sales pipeline!

We empower you to turn the flow of high quality leads up or down at will, simply by adjusting your marketing budget on the targeted, effective, measurable digital advertising that our agency delivers.

We aren't incentivized to make you spend more. Our compensation structure is set up very thoughtfully and fairly. As your company scales up, so do the resources that our agency can provide to you.

You get full access to transparent information that empowers you to make meaningful decisions for your business. We work together with you to execute on your decisions.

We profitably manage millions of dollars of ad spend per year, including our own company's advertising campaigns.

Our agency has been successful for customers in the following industries:

Manufacturing Industry

🔹 outdoor wood boiler manufacturing
🔸 skid steer attachment manufacturing
🔹 RV aftermarket parts manufacturing
🔸 frac sand storage & handling equipment manufacturing
🔹 custom toy manufacturing
🔸 trailer manufacturing

Construction Industry

🔹 concrete cutting & coring, demolition, and excavation services
🔸 hydronic heating products & services
🔹 affordable housing construction
🔸 commercial & residential roofing services
🔹 residential window & door products & installation services
🔸 sheds & outbuildings manufactured construction

Agriculture Industry

🔹 grain dryers and biomass boilers
🔸 hopper bottom grain bins
🔹 aftermarket products for planters
🔸 aftermarket products for combines
🔹 ag-plastics storage solutions
🔸 hardware, software, and digital data services for farmers

Other Industries

🔹 business consulting
🔸 auto transport services
🔹 estate planning services
🔸 hotels & accommodations
🔹 cosmetic treatments
🔸 alternative medicine
🔹 and much more

Our thriving internet marketing agency has a proven reputation for getting results. We are passionate about growing our customers' businesses.

We also believe in sharing our successes with the less fortunate. That is why a portion of our revenue is donated to charities such as:

🔸 World Vision
🔹 Compassion
🔸 Destiny Rescue
🔹 Gospel for Asia
🔸 Ministerios Ancla de Amor (an orphanage in Mexico)
🔹 Adult & Teen Challenge
🔸 Eden Foundation
🔹 Needy families
🔸 Local churches
🔹 and various other organizations

We pride ourselves on being internet marketers with integrity. At the end of the day, we go home to our families, just like you. We are ethical people who work hard to earn an honest living. We do our best to help our valued customers.

Marissa Harder
Digital Marketing Manager
George Krahn
Founder & Marketing Strategist

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