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4 Secrets To Great Google Ads Performance - Video 3 of 4

A HUGE mistake that we see in online ad accounts, is that there's only 1 ad!

Test 2 or more ads against each other. They battle it out & your sales numbers show you the winner.

Call 1 (866) 800-5280 to learn more.

A/B split testing two different ads is a scientific way to keep beating your best performing ads.

It's an idea that started in the 1800s. Yet many advertisers don't split test their ads regularly.

This is the secret to beating your competitors. Google will show the best performing ads the most often...and reward the better performing advertisers by charging them less money.

Win - Win.

How do you tell which ad is the winner? Well, you look at a combination of two things:

1. Which one is getting the most leads or sales (conversions)
2. Which one is getting the highest click-through-rate (CTR)

If you aren't tracking your leads or sales properly, then you're basically testing your ads blindly.

One might get way more clicks, but another might get way more sales. You could pause the wrong ad by mistake and cost yourself sales!

Please call us at 1 (866) 800-5280 if you'd like to know more about how split testing ads work.

Tracking phone calls is critically important for certain types of businesses.

If you can only see which ad brought in more email inquiries, but you can't see which ad brings in more phone calls, you might still be pausing the wrong ads.

Go to this page of our website to see how Proven Results Call Tracking works.

We use our Proven Results Call Tracking combined with our 80/20 Google Ads management to help business owners get more leads, better quality leads, and more sales for less money.

If you'd like to learn more about that, go to this page of our website.

Heard enough? Maybe we can make exponential improvements in your Google Ads account too!

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