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Company History

Our agency’s approach to marketing is based on Perry Marshall's principles combined with practical, first hand knowledge of the manufacturing, construction, industrial, and agriculture industries.

George Krahn, our founder & marketing strategist, started his career in the manufacturing industry.  He progressed through roles in production, quality control, accounting, customer service, and finally discovered his passion for sales & marketing.

George is mentored by Perry Marshall, author of “80/20 Sales And Marketing”, “Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords”, and “Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising”.

Instead of your sales team wasting time & money chasing cold prospects, they're busy closing sales from our steady flow of hot leads!

At Proven Results Marketing Agency, we use. . .

🔹 80/20 Inbound Lead Generation
🔸 Direct Response Marketing
🔹 Digital Advertising
🔸 Phone Call Tracking
🔹 Advanced Conversion Tracking
🔸 CRM Setup & Integration

. . .to create that steady flow of hot leads that pours into your sales pipeline!

We empower you to turn the flow of high quality leads up or down at will, simply by adjusting your marketing budget on the targeted, effective, measurable digital advertising that our agency delivers.

We aren't incentivized to make you spend more. Our compensation structure is set up very thoughtfully and fairly. As your company scales up, so do the resources that our agency can provide to you.

You get full access to transparent information that empowers you to make meaningful decisions for your business. We work together with you to execute on your decisions.

We profitably manage millions of dollars of ad spend per year, including our own company's advertising campaigns.

Our agency has been successful for customers in the following industries:

Manufacturing Industry

🔹 outdoor wood boiler manufacturing
🔸 skid steer attachment manufacturing
🔹 RV aftermarket parts manufacturing
🔸 frac sand storage & handling equipment manufacturing
🔹 custom toy manufacturing
🔸 trailer manufacturing

Construction Industry

🔹 concrete cutting & coring, demolition, and excavation services
🔸 hydronic heating products & services
🔹 affordable housing construction
🔸 commercial & residential roofing services
🔹 residential window & door products & installation services
🔸 sheds & outbuildings manufactured construction

Agriculture Industry

🔹 grain dryers and biomass boilers
🔸 hopper bottom grain bins
🔹 aftermarket products for planters
🔸 aftermarket products for combines
🔹 ag-plastics storage solutions
🔸 hardware, software, and digital data services for farmers

Other Industries

🔹 business consulting
🔸 auto transport services
🔹 estate planning services
🔸 hotels & accommodations
🔹 cosmetic treatments
🔸 alternative medicine
🔹 and much more

Our thriving internet marketing agency has a proven reputation for getting results. We are passionate about growing our customers' businesses.

We also believe in sharing our successes with the less fortunate. That is why a portion of our revenue is donated to charities such as:

🔸 World Vision
🔹 Compassion
🔸 Destiny Rescue
🔹 Gospel for Asia
🔸 Ministerios Ancla de Amor (an orphanage in Mexico)
🔹 Adult & Teen Challenge
🔸 Eden Foundation
🔹 Needy families
🔸 Local churches
🔹 and various other organizations

We pride ourselves on being internet marketers with integrity. At the end of the day, we go home to our families, just like you. We are ethical people who work hard to earn an honest living. We do our best to help our valued customers.

Marissa Harder
Digital Marketing Manager
George Krahn
Founder & Marketing Strategist

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