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Customer Success Story #1: How We Helped Robert End 5 Consecutive Financial Quarters of Wasting Half of His Large Advertising Budget.
Robert sources & sells a high volume of products worldwide in the alternative medicine industry. His product line is always under strict scrutiny by the FDA. Yet his company continuously exceeds the FDA’s standards.

A few years ago, Google cracked down on everyone in Robert’s entire industry who was using Google AdWords. The good companies with rigorously tested, top quality products were wiped out along with all the cheap knockoffs.

The same thing happened with Facebook Ads.

Then Robert suffered at the mercy of Bing Ads when he finally had enough and reached out to our agency.

Guess what we found in Robert’s Bing Ads account… and how did we stop his company from bleeding money?

Katelynn Bergen
Online Marketing Manager
Danny Harms
Customer Success Manager

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